Mildred & Dottie’s Kitchen

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Mildred & Dottie’s Kitchen is near and dear to my heart. My passion and inspiration for cooking came from my late grandmothers, Mildred Ebb, and Dorothy Mae Coleman. My grandmothers were self-taught cooks who used the freshest and highest quality ingredients. When you tasted their food, you knew they put a special ingredient called “love” inside every meal they prepared. As a young girl, I thrived on being just like them, so I often learned different cooking techniques and watched them create distinctive Southern meals for family, friends, and events. 

Delectable Desserts

Peach Cobbler

Place order 48 hours in advance.

Oreo Crunch Cake

Place order 24 hours in advance.

Strawberry Crunch
Cheesecake Cake

Place order 48 hours in advance.